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About us


Cyan has a passion for wine, good food and native produce and this led to Bunyip Hollow being started.   He is passionate about the role native produce can play in our kitchen and gardens, and loves quality unusual food and wine. He is an amazing cook and instinctively understands how flavours and foods interact.   Winning over 40 wine-making awards in the 90's in Western Australia, and part of a dynasty of wine-makers, we have planted our own small vineyard and Cyan is excited to experiment with our unusual varieties.   Constantly learning and researching, and as a qualified (human) nutritionist, Cyan uses proven techniques from around the wold in the develpment of our pigs nutrition and feed, aiming to always improve.  


Cyan's passion for food and wine inspired the farm and we have been learning farming ever since.   My background is in compliance, and that has been my focus, ensuring our farm meets the Australian Standard for Organic production, and even seeing what we can do to go above and beyond.   My passion is not just about ‘organic’, but ethical farming activities, keeping it local, and caring about our environment.   In 2023 I got a scholarship to the University of Adelaide to study Pig Science with a fantastic panel of leading expert lecturers in a 2 week intensive course and learned lots about reprodution, health, welfare and the science of pigs.


Max is our beautiful Maremma guardian dog who protects our sheep and cows, brings us delight, and says hello to all passers by.   He protects his farm by barking to warn threats away, so if he is barking he is doing his job.   He sleeps amongst the sheep and the cows, ignoring his house, and has a weird penchant for laying in burr patches.   He is loyal and hard working, and pups Joe and Moe will be trained up by hime to give him a snoozy retirement.

Princess & the Gang

Princess is our matriarch of the pigs and her genetics is in much of our herd.   She is retired now but still calls the shots, and the sisters Mimi and Michelle (named after Allo! Allo! characters) have taken up her mantle.   Our main boar is Jack, a large boy, named because he nimbly jumps fences (jumping jack).   The goose is Mr Goose, a long-time companion of Princess.


Jersey is our hand reared jersey cow and mother of our other cow Tina.   She and her daughter are both sticky-beaks, and she moved to the hollow from the hill after she learned to turn taps on, discharge electric fences and eat all our vegetables.   Nothing escapes her watchful eye.


Our family of geese were born on the farm and happily meander everywhere on the hill.   They help the dogs protect the farm, are curious and a bunch of thieves. They happily steal everyone else's food and bully puppies without mercy.

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